Why Us

Peter Murray, CPO, Dip.Sec.ARM, Dip.Crim.F.Psych., M.Sec.I.I., CPTED Practitioner.

Peter is the Owner/Managing Director of Design Out Crime Ireland. He is also a Member and Director of the Security Institute of Ireland. He is presently working in the Irish Security Industry for over 20 years and is a former member of the Irish Defence Forces Reserve. He has many years of experience working in the Home Security Sector providing Confidential Home Security Assessments / Reviews to the residential market. Peter is a Security Consultant and registered through the Security Institute of Ireland.


  • Diploma in Criminal Forensic Psychology (Dip. Crim. F. Psych.)
  • CPO, Certified Protection Officer
  • Certification in Security Risk Management Advanced Level (Adv. Cert. Sec. Risk. Man.)
  • Registered Security Consultant Certification (Reg. Sec. Consult.)
  • QQI Level 6 in Crime Prevention (QQI 6. Crim. Prev.)
  • Certification in Terrorism Awareness (Cert. Terrorism. Aware)
  • Certification in Cyber Security Awareness (Cert. Cyber. Sec. Aware)
  • Certification in CPTED for Community Safety. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Certification in Retail Security (Cert. Retail. Sec.)
  • Certification in Locksmithing
  • Train the Trainer Certification