Responding to Threats & Violence Training

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Responding to Threats and Violence (RTVF24)

Certified by

Security Institute of Ireland Foundation Certificate


This programme is designed as a supporting vocational programme for those working face to face with the general public. It is a short practical programme covering the initial responses to an attack such as an attempted strike or grab. While designed with the security industry in mind it is applicable to all areas where the threat of personal attached exists, this includes work related risks. It is also beneficial to those who feel vulnerable in any personal or non-work-related setting

Examples of work-related settings include:
  • Hospital Accident and Emergency Staff
  • Care Workers
  • Lone Workers
  • Bus & Taxi Drivers
  • Traffic Wardens
  • Vehicle Immobilisation / Clamping Staff
  • Environmental Officers
  • Process Servers
  • Tiger Kidnapping Targets
  • Aviation Crews
  • Those Handling Cash or Valuables
  • Night Porters, Caretakers and Receptionists
  • Coach’s, Referee & Players
  • Those working within the Security Industry


The purpose of this programme is to equip the candidate with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively respond to a range of personal physical attack scenarios

The scope of this course is to support a vocational programme designed to provide basic knowledge and skills to defend against physical attack or assault, leading to the awarding of a Security Institute of Ireland Certificate at Foundation Level

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